DIAFAEM German Institute of medical mission

Quality Pharmaceutical Services and Products

We manage quality system evolution and comply with WHO standards through reliable partners such as : DIFAEM, University of Tuebingen, MSH, EPN etc...


We regularly evaluated personnel's qualification and competence to assure that workers are qualified for the tasks on their schedule. Meetings are organized by the managing direction and opened to all personnel when necessary, to allow a continuous improvement. Yearly training plans are prepared and budgeted to strengthen personal capability. We used internal and external expertise for training.

Humanitarian Mission

Our mission is summarized in "Quality pharmaceutical services with compassion for all". We aim to make available pharmaceutical products of guaranteed quality, without discrimination in line with our confessional vocation of compassion for all. This is done by establishing standardized, comprehensible and appropriate procedures throughout the supply, storage and distribution chain, provided by trained and motivated personnel and transparent management of the financial and material resources made available by the 8th CEPAC.