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If quality drugs save lives, then no obstacle should make its delivery impossible.
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Sales and Procurements tasks

Welcome to DCMP sales department !!!
We will be very glad to answer all your requests. Whether it's price quotes, quotation requests, tenders or orders, you can be sure to get a feedback within 24 hours. Since its inception in September 1997, DCMP has sought to be a source of supply for quality pharmaceutical products to the entire population of the Great Lakes countries. Our range includes generic essential drugs, laboratory tests and reagents, biomedical equipment, consumables and medical devices. We encourage you to:
Download our product catalog to place your orders very quickly,
Download our customer agreement form to take advantage of discounted product offers, fresh arrivals or alerts and information about falsified or counterfeit medicines. suppliers

In an emergency humanitarian and instability environment, DCMP is able to respond to the needs according to their relevance in order to enable you to bring effective responses to epidemics, natural disasters and other priorities in your health structures or intervention zones. This dynamism has strengthened our logistical and technical capacities and we have gained a lot of experience in the acquisition of pharmaceutical products, their storage, their distribution and the capacity of pharmaceutical professionals in the service delivery points. For more than a decade, we have implemented good distribution practices in our company. At the heart of all our activities, the quality assurance department ensures that the quality of pharmaceutical products is maintained from the moment they are manufactured to their use for the best health of the population. It is thanks to you that our services improve overnight. That's why every year we invite our clients to participate in the satisfaction survey in order to perfect our services. If you have any problem or complaint, please send it to the following addresses :
E-mail : info@dcmp8ecepac.org | direction@dcmp8ecepac.org

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: ventes@dcmpc8ecepac.org | livraison@dcmp8ecepac.org