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DCMP’s head office (139, Avenue PE Lumumba, C. Ibanda /Bukavu, South-Kivu, DR)
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The Direction of the DCMP 8th CEPAC is committed to set a quality management system that allows making available to the customers and partners, quality medicines and pharmaceutical services regarding the norms and the Congolese pharmaceutical legislation.

Our strategy is based on 4 pillars:

- Continuous capacity building of our agents and collaborators, for the mastery of our Quality Management System’s standards and requirements, and a regular evaluation of their skills.
- Strict adherence to established procedures in order to maintain a satisfactory level of pharmaceutical products quality, hygiene and safety of personnel.
- Attentive listening to partners and customers in order to provide them an efficient service.
- Commitment to collaborate with relevant government authorities to ensure that DCMP 8e CEPAC operations meet national regulatory standards and contribute to the health sector development .

We are proud of the role we play in making good quality drugs available in eastern DRC. Our sources are safe, and our supply cycle is very constant.

We are proud of the work our motivated team is doing, delivering medicines in inaccessible and insecure areas, sometimes at the peril of their lives, to save the lives of thousands of our people who would be in difficulty with no access to good quality medicine.

A strong partnership has been built with the international organizations, technical and financial partners of the government, for the storage and distribution of the drugs they buy in support of the DRC health system.

Innovation and Development

Since 1997, DCMP has evolved toward an outstanding development, focused on improving storage conditions by building and equipping a clean warehouse since July 2015, continuing the USAID, ECHO prequalification process and accreditation ISO 9001-2008.

Thanks to the rigorous allocation of resources and the confidence of the partners, DCMP has succeeded in putting in place a plan of action which led to the opening of a secondary depot in 2017 in the southern part of the province, the Ruzizi plain, to allow equity access to quality medicines.

Our role in the Minilab GPHF network allows us to participate in the training of inspectors and staff of partner organizations, on drug sampling and analysis.

Working with DCMP 8th CEPAC means contributing to improving the access of our populations to quality medicines. Every order placed at the DCMP is invaluable for the improvement of our system for access to quality medicines.

Dcmp Cepac Agent

Executive Director

Georges MUTOMBO .
: direction@dcmpc8ecepac.org